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I lost 13.5kg (2st 1lb) in three months, but the great news is that I am younger by 12 years!

Since I was a teenager, I have been described by friends and relatives as 'the short, fat girl'. After giving birth to two children, my weight went up to 67kg (10st 7lb) over the past two years.

I had a bone neural test in 2008 and the doctor advised me to go on medication to reduce my risk of a stroke or heart attack, because I had a high-blood platelet count. I am the third person in my family diagnosed with this problem; both my mother and sister are on medication. However, the medication can only maintain the platelets at the current level, there is no guarantee that it can normalise it! So I gave traditional treatment a go, but there was no improvement and my blood tests were still high after a year.

Knowing that obesity and being overweight is one of the key factors leading to stroke and heart attack, I decided to manage and reduce my weight to minimise this risk.

I started my Sole Source journey in mid-June 2010. After the first three days of my detoxification period, I realised that I had more energy, particularly after my lunch-hour. Within one week I had lost 3kg (6lb). I became very confident that I would reach my ideal weight within three months. The interesting part was that Sole Source was not as tough as I thought. Losing weight has never been so easy and exciting!

The weekly appointment with, Shirley is very interesting. I started to learn how to eat properly; the right types of food that I should eat, the impact that 'rubbish food' was having on my body; understanding my body signals; and what to eat, when!

My family, friends and colleagues are very impressed to see me getting slimmer and many have come forward to ask how I have done it. I explained how Cambridge works, how the professional Consultant can assist; and not forgetting, how tasty Cambridge is!

Together we have shared the joy of being slimmer, healthier and most importantly, encouraging each other to have a more balanced lifestyle.

Now I can walk in to any boutique to choose my clothes and say goodbye to all my extra-large-size clothing. That has created one small problem; after losing 13.5kg (2st 1lb), I now have to change almost 100% of my wardrobe!

My last medical report in July said that everything was good, including my platelets. When my Consultant assessed my body-age again recently, she found that I had become 12 years younger.

I am confident that with Cambridge I am not only managing my weight, but I have also regained my health

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